“It takes very little imagination to see what a dreamlike experience this is going to be. With what you have planned and this amazing view, I'm sure to shift straight into island mode after arrival.”

— D.M., New York

“Congratulations to everyone that conceived and is involved with this. I can’t wait until next winter when this is available to rent!”

— T.B., Chicago

"Based on your thorough descriptions and photos of the work in progress, this is so thoughtfully designed with all the necessary conveniences.  Looks like you'll match that with equally tasteful furnishings and decorations.  Please add me to mailing list so that I can know when it becomes available." 

— J. L., Toronto

“My husband and I want to share a week in St. Barts next week February with his parents while they can still travel and explore. Looks like Ouanalao will have everything we need and could expect. We'll definitely stay in touch."

— L.G., Atlanta

“Looks amazing already. Thanks for providing so many details. Not every rental property is so thorough. And thank you for the splendid photos of St. Barts. Only problem is that they make me long to visit sooner than I actually can. So you're succeeding already.”

— M.L., Washington, D.C.

“Chapeau à tous ce qui ont eu la bonne idée de créer cet appartement pour profiter de ce cadre exceptionnel et le mettre à la disposition de vacanciers à un prix abordable. En tant que français, votre appréciation de notre culture et l'attention soigneuse à nos goûts et attentes en tant que clients potentiels sont bien évidentes. Félicitations.”

— J-P de M, Paris

“Ihre Webseite ist sehr schön und vollständig. Alles wesentliche, muß man sagen. Und sehr tolle Fotos, viele Emotion und Liebe für diese Inseln. Diese Ferienwohnung sieht schon sehr gut aus und interessiert uns sehr wann fertig. Viel Glück damit. ”

— H.K., Berlin

"Bravo! Your site, plans and photos show much more than merely a commercial motivation. The thorough, thoughtful descriptions and perceptive photos are evidence of your local knowledge and love of France.  And most of all, show a profound respect for the people of St. Barts, past and present, and their traditions and way of life. Count us in for the launch year. Thank you for sharing this and very best of luck."

— S.B., New York

Many thanks for the encouraging and helpful comments and suggestions from initial website visitors in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Singapore.