Launch Update - July 2017 - Contact Us About Late Fall and Winter-Spring 2018

This is a brief mid-Summer update.

UPDATE: Furniture and decoration are largely complete. Updated photos are on the website. We'll add a few more photos showing additional furnishings and decoration after a visit in early August. External touches and pool completion remain. 

ABOUT THAT SWIMMING POOL: Design is complete, the bids are in and excavation should start by the week of 24 July. The current schedule calls for completion in October.  The design is a narrow rectangular lane pool (piscine couloir) with Atlantic view. See the architectural drawing under the "Photos" menu .  Dimensions are approximately 26ft L x 6.5ft W x 5ft D. (8m L x 2m W x 1.5m D).   That's 24m3 of water, meaning 24,000 liters or 6,340 US gallons.

AVAILABILITY: We expect full completion by November. It's now time to think about the 2017-18 Holiday, Winter and Spring seasons.

RATES: We expect to finalize these in August, certainly before Labor Day.  Many site visitors are not new to St Barthélemy and some inquiries have indicated budgets or what you have paid in the past, especially for longer stays.  We'd be happy to renew these conversations.  

SHARING: Please share the website link with interested friends or on social media.

Many thanks for your interest.

Sarah Bellum

Sara (b. 1958) is a writer, photographer and amateur web site developer. Her day job is as a lawyer in New York City.  Website creation provides an outlet for a different writing style and use of foreign language skills, as well as an opportunity to showcase photography.