Launch Update - May 2017 - Good News !

UPDATE: The planned early 2017 launch was not possible due to construction delays, but everything is now back on track. The kitchen, bath and walk-in dressing closet were recently installed. Furniture deliveries started May 15.  Your hosts will be in St. Barts over an extended (U.S.) Memorial Day weekend to participate in this, decorate and arrange remaining details.  

SWIMMING POOL: The silver lining is that the builders and owners of the primary villa of which the apartment forms a part plan to proceed with the pool construction this year, as opposed to next year (as still outlined on the website). We are meeting over Memorial Day to discuss these plans, as well as the for the exterior details and landscaping.  We expect the pool to be a narrow rectangular infinity pool (piscine couloir horizon).

AVAILABILITY & RATES: We expect full completion by early Fall. We'd be delighted to start discussing the 2017-18 Holiday, Winter and Spring seasons. We'll make pricing decisions over the Summer.

MORE PHOTOS: We'll post current photos during or after this next visit.  Guaranteed to maintain your enthusiasm and interest.

SHARING: Please share this update or the website link with interested friends or on social media. 

OTHER QUESTIONS? Please write directly or over the website. We'll respond more promptly going forward as this dream becomes reality.

Sarah Bellum

Sara (b. 1958) is a writer, photographer and amateur web site developer. Her day job is as a lawyer in New York City.  Website creation provides an outlet for a different writing style and use of foreign language skills, as well as an opportunity to showcase photography.